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Marvel's Spider-Man: City At War #5 8-Bit Variant

Marvel's Spider-Man: City At War #5 8-Bit Variant


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Written by Dennis "Hopeless" Hallum. Art by Michele Bandini and Luca Maresca. Cover by Matthew Waite. DOCTOR OCTOPUS TRIUMPHANT! Revealing his master plan, DOCTOR OCTOPUS unleashes the devious DEVIL'S BREATH virus on an unsuspecting New York City! Can a poisoned and beaten SPIDER-MAN find the strength to save his city… even if it means protecting NORMAN OSBORN and MISTER NEGATIVE? Even If PETER PARKER can rise to be greater, will his efforts doom those closest to him? All this, plus another behind-the-scenes look at Spidey's award-winning, blockbuster video game! 28 pages, full color. Rated T Cover price $3.99.

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