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Southern Nightgown #2

Southern Nightgown #2


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Written by J.P. Roth. Art and Cover by Dawn McTeigue and Sabine Rich. Satin Larson: 'Today I say a final goodbye to my grandmother, who has been the only mother I have ever known. Tears sting my face as gran's coffin thumps to the ground one last time and I fall to my knees. Over my head the branches morph into talons and the rose in my hand drips blood onto the ground. The branches reach for me wanting me in the ground just like her. Reverend Jenson turns, dusting his hands as he meets my eyes. His iris's glow a deep red and a voice whispers in my mind. 'Sleep now.' It says 'go to sleep princess.' I obey and the world goes black…' 20 pages, full color. Cover price $3.99

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