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Timely Comics: All-New, All Different Avengers #1

Timely Comics: All-New, All Different Avengers #1


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Written by Mark Waid. Art by Adam Kubert and Mahmud A. Asrar. Cover by Alex Ross. They're the comics everyone is talking about, now is your chance to hop on board before you get left in the dust! Marvel is proud to announce TIMELY COMICS, a new imprint of titles specially designed to get you caught up with hot All-New, All-Different Marvel titles! Reprinting the first three issues of select titles at an introductory price point of $3.00, Timely Comics will take you on a path through the restored Marvel Universe! The forming of the Avengers, Daredevil's fight for Chinatown, the birth of the Totally Awesome Hulk and so much more! These titles sold out and burned up the charts, so don't miss out on them now. Your new favorite series awaits, so get three issues for the $3.00 this June with TIMELY COMICS! Reprinting ALL-NEW, ALL-DIFFERENT AVENGERS #1 (A STORY) and #2-3. 68 pages, full color. Rated T+ Cover price $3.00

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