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X-Force Necrosha

X-Force Necrosha


  • 1999

1st printing. Collects X Necrosha: The Gathering (2009), X-Force (2008 3rd Series) #21-25 and material from X Necrosha (2009). Written by Craig Kyle and Christopher Yost. Cover by Clayton Crain. The psychic vampire Selene is on a mad quest to devour enough souls to let her ascend to godhood, commencing a terrible reign over the planet. And though X-Force stands ready to destroy her plans at any cost, the Black Queen has summoned backup that may just tilt the balance in her favor: an army of undead mutants composed of X-Force's former friends and foes, resurrected into gruesome half-life by the techno-organic virus gifted to her by Eli Bard. And first and foremost among Selene's newest servants are former teammate Caliban and Warpath's older brother, Thunderbird. While X-Force fights an unsettling battle against familiar faces, Selene puts her true plan into action: the resurrection, and immediate sacrifice, of the entire population of Genosha. Can X-Force obtain the one weapon capable of stopping Selene in time, or will death and decay overtake the entire world? Softcover, 200 pages, full color. Parental Advisory Cover price $19.99.

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