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X-Men: With Great Power

X-Men: With Great Power


  • 1999

1st printing. Collects X-Men (2010- 2nd Series) #7-11 - and Spider-Man's first team-up with the All-New, All-Different X-Men from 1976's Marvel Team-Up (1972-1984) Annual #1. Written by VICTOR GISCHLER, CHRIS CLAREMONT, BONNIE WILFORD and BILL MANTLO. Art by CHRIS BACHALO, PACO MEDINA, SAL BUCEMA and MIKE ESPOSITO. Cover by TERRY DODSON. It's a new age for the X-Men. Cyclops and company have declared it a time to be heroes. Wherever a citizen is in need, there's an X-Man on the job. But strange rumors have come to the attention of the X-Men, and Storm and her team are off to New York City to investigate. What do they find in the dank sewers beneath Manhattan? Only New York's favorite wall-crawler has the answers! Plus: Jubilee has been turned by the dark forces of the undead. And though the battle with the vampires is over, Jubilee's own battle has just begun. Now a vampire living among an army of mutants, Jubilee struggles to find her place and to keep her vampire cravings at bay. But unknown to her, one of her fellow X-Men may just hold the key to curing her of her thirst for blood. Could Professor Xavier's own encounter with a vampire hold the key to her salvation? Softcover, 160 pages, fullc olor. Cover price $19.99.

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